New Product Invention: GoSteady Sand Supports

TrailHungry LLC, an outdoor equipment company with several patents/patents-pending, is proud to announce another brand-new invention that will change your outdoor chair and table experience forever. GoSteady Sand Supports increase ergonomics and stability of tables and chairs on soft surfaces.

The unique and innovative design is thoughtfully developed to be quickly and easily deployed right out of your ubiquitous camp-chair bag.

How does it work?

GoSteady Sand Supports are 4 inches wide x 24 inches long x 1/8 inches thick, strong-slightly curved polyvinyl chloride plastic.

They work by placing them directly under your camp chairs’ feet with the easy-carry strap towards the back of the camp chair.

It works by distributing weight across soft surfaces and uses industrial-grade slip-resistant grip that provides superior traction for tables and chairs. GoSteady Sand Supports include heavy-duty 24″ strap and fasteners for easy portability.

Why GoSteady Sand Supports?

We’ve all experienced it. You find the perfect beach or the best field-sport viewing spot to watch the game – and you excitedly deploy your camp chair. Unfortunately, once you sit down, you immediately recognized that “sinking feeling” because your camp chairs’ feet have literally sunk in the soft surface.

After re-adjusting your camp chairs’ feet, you either move to a less desirable viewing spot with a firmer surface or decide to stay sitting hunched over – at an uncomfortable angle.

All of us have experienced that “sinking feeling.”

GoSteady’s are problem solvers.

GoSteady’s are camp chair heroes.

GoSteady Sand Supports helps reduce the stress and irritation caused by sinking into soft surfaces.

GoSteady Sand Supports innovative nesting design and strong, light-weight construction, are made to slip easily inside most camp-chair bags.

GoSteady Sand Supports increase stability and reduce stress on pivot points and joints caused by soft surfaces – prolonging the life of your tables and chairs.

GoSteady Sand Supports supports most outdoor tables and chairs.

Wanna GoSteady?

GoSteady Sand Supports stop that “sinking feeling”.

GoSteady Sand Supports are great for:

• Beach

• Field Sports

• Camping

• Weddings

• Construction Sites

• Backyards

• Yard Sales

• Etc.

Proudly Made in America

Where to buy?

Coming soon: GoSteady’s will be sold at – very soon.

In the meantime – Please send an email to, please include your name and number of GoSteady Sand Supports you would like to purchase, and a TrailHungry Representative will reach out to you directly.

Price: $19.99 (shipping not included)

Thank you so much for your interest in TrailHungry’s GoSteady Sand Supports! And thank you for supporting a small business!

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