The ŪKA (You-Ka) System

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TrailHungry has developed a new, patents-pending multi-functional backpacking hero that you can take anywhere. The new device is extremely rugged, capable, and versatile and provides exceptional multi-functionality for your next camping adventure –  meet the ŪKA (YOU-Ka) System.


UKA - TrailHungry - PNW

The ŪKA system is a problem solver and a camping aficionado, the ŪKA system is like a “Swiss-Army Knife Container”.

The ŪKA system is a smooth, hard-sided container that slips inside most hiking backpacks – once removed – becomes an All-In-One Device.

The ŪKA system is an ALL-In-One Device:

  • 7 gallon (14 gallons when stacked) gravity water filtration device
  • Camp cook table with cutting board and deployable aluminum legs
  • Camp pail
  • Rugged backpack
  • Sturdy camp stool
  • And so much more!


The ŪKA system is a great addition to the backpacking industry because:

  • Industry’s largest water reservoir (7 gallons or 14 gallons when stacked)
  • Solves camping related ergonomic issues (no more squatting or extended pumping effort when hand-pumping water)
  • New product category
  • Patents-pending engineered design
  • Attaches to most gravity water filters
  • Largest clean/dry camp table storage in the industry
  • Removable hard interior protection for gear and equipment
  • Fits most >55 liter backpacks

Water Filtration

Current water pump filtration systems requires you to uncomfortably squat next to a stream or pond for prolonged periods of time and requires an extended pumping effort to fill multiple water containers.

The ŪKA system is portable, stackable, time-saving, virtually effortless gravity water filtration system; it keeps a large amount of fresh, clean, potable water at your campsite.

The ŪKA system provides 7 gallons (14 gallons when stacked) of contaminate free virtually effortless gravity water filtration allows for washing, rinsing, cooking, drinking, or to douse the campfire.


Camp Meal Prep & Small Camp Table with Embedded Cutting Board

Current backpacking stoves and pots are often top heavy and have a tendency to fall over when stirring or pouring water. Finding a good food prep area can be difficult: the ground isn’t sanitary, you’ve got to squat to make your meals, and your food prep containers can be kicked over by an unobservant camper.

TrailHungry Camp Table#1

The ŪKA system is also a small camp table, made of food-grade plastic with deployable aluminum legs. As a small food prep table, the embedded cutting board provides stability for cutting up nutritious foods, using camp stoves, pots, etc. and supplies a ton of clean/dry storage inside for camp dishes, utensils, french press, coffee cups, etc.

TrailHungry Camp Table

Camp Stool

Today, many backpackers often sit on the ground or stand up to eat their meals. Some backpackers tend to carry lightweight chairs or sleeping pad chairs, unfortunately, once seated these chairs are often uncomfortable and make standing up very difficult.

The ŪKA is a simple, fast, and comfortable device, either attach the lid to the container and take a seat – or flip the ŪKA over, sit, and enjoy your meal in peace.

TrailHungry UKA Camp Stool #1

Camp Prep & Clean-up

Cleanup requires water for both washing, rinsing, and dousing the camp fire.

Rinsing often requires filtered water to ensure that organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, cysts, sediment, dirt and silt, have been fully removed before rinsing cooking and eating utensils. Mountain streams look clean enough to the eye – but invisible microorganism are thriving in the millions.

Sunny Day in PNW

Often backpackers will make several trips between the nearest body of water with their dirty dishes and uncomfortably squat down to clean their cooking and eating utensils – without falling into the water.TrailHungry Pack Basket#2

The ŪKA system is incredible versatile from gathering kindling for your campfire to extinguishing the campfire with 7 gallons of water – the ŪKA system is a backpacking hero!


Backpack – Fit

The ŪKA systems patents-pending design allows the ŪKA to smoothly insert and remove from most standard hiking backpacks >55 liters.


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Adam Babuka, MBA

Founder, Inventor, & CEO