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Welcome to TrailHungry!

TrailHungry LLC Designs Rugged, Capable, and Versatile Backpacking Equipment.

After working in 30 countries for 10 years, Adam, TrailHungry’s founder and inventor, was confronted by the lack of rugged, capable, and versatile backpacking equipment. This inspired Adam to create a new type of multi-functional device designed for backpackers, outdoorsmen, and survivalists.

TrailHungry, a Southwest Washington State startup company, is posed to manufacture unique, high-quality, outdoor gear and equipment that gives users greater independence, durability, flexibility, and versatility.

With several patents-pending, TrailHungry is passionate about providing thoughtfully designed backpacking equipment that adds value to customers outdoor experience.

See TrailHungry Sales Sheet Below For More Information.

TrailHungry UKA System Sales Sheet – Backpacking Hero

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Adam Babuka, MBA

CEO & Founder


TrailHungry LLC

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